Race pins are awarded by completing certain challenges and ranking to certain levels. You can add up to 3 race pins you unlocked onto your name.

Pin Description
Sqeaky Clean Finish a race without colliding with another car.
Zero to Hero Proceed from last place to first place and win the race. (4+ participants)
Zero to Hero: SPEED In the final lap, proceed from last place to first place and win the race. (4+ participants)
Rivalry! Win 5 races against the same player.
Nemesis! Lose 5 races to the same player.
Stick Man Win a race using Manual Transmission.
Stick Master Win 20 races using Manual Transmission.
Winner's Circle Win a race.
Keep Trying Lose a race.
You're On Fire Win 5 races in a row.
Phenomenal Win 20 races in a row.
Legendary Win 50 races in a row.
Having a Bad Day Lose 5 races in a row.
First Timer Finish a race.
For The Win! Win 5 races.
Winning is a Habit Win 10 races.
Winning is my Language Win 20 races.
It's Not The Taking Part Win 50 races.
Winning is my Addiction Win 100 races.
Victory Veteran Win 1000 races.
Experience is Everything Finish 100 races.
Race Veteran Finish 1000 races.
How it's meant to be Finish a race using no assists.
True Control Win a race using no assists.
Mad Skills Win 10 races using no assists.
Mega Skills Win 50 races using no assists.
Professional Win 100 races using no assists.
Good Choice Buy a car.
Expanding Your Collection Buy 5 cars.
Car Collector Buy 10 cars.
Car Connoisseur Buy 20 cars.
Racing The River Set a lap time on LA River.
Spartan Set a lap time on Spa.
Own the 'Stone Set a lap time on Silverstone.
Victory Harbour Set a lap time on Victoria Harbour HK.
Going Shopping Purchase some E Bucks.
You & Me Send a Friend Request.
Better Together Make a Friend.
You're Popular Make 10 friends.
Tell The World Post something to your Feed.
Make It Your Own Rearrange the widgets on your Home page.
New Coat Paint your car.
Variety is the Spice of Life Paint your car 20 times.
Making Connections Link your account to a Facebook account.
Kick the Tires Take a car for a Test Drive.
Throwing Shapes Make your own Decal.
Automotive Artist Make a Livery.
Pin Cushion Collect 100 Race Pins.
Starting a Masterpiece Buy a new Save Slot in the Styling Suite.
Eat My Dust Overtake 10 cars.
Flying By Overtake 50 cars.
Track Predator Overtake 100 cars.
Going the Distance Drive 10 kilometers.
Covering Old Ground Drive 100 kilometers.
GlobeTrotter Drive 1000 kilometers.
Live to Drive Drive 100,000 kilometers.
Welcome Back Log in twice.
Nice to See You Again Log in 10 times.
Loyal Fan Log in 100 times.
You Belong Here Log in 1000 times.
I'll Be Here All Week Log in every day for a week (7 days).
Dedication Log in every day for a month (30 days).
That's Commitment! Log in every day for a year (365 days).
No Time for the Slow Lap an opponent racer.
Speed Demon: 100 Exceed 100 mph.
Speed Demon: 120 Exceed 120 mph.
Speed Demon: 140 Exceed 140 mph.
Speed Demon: 160 Exceed 160 mph.
Speed Demon: 180 Exceed 180 mph.
Speed Demon: 200 Exceed 200 mph.
Speed Demon: 210 Exceed 210 mph.
Speed Demon: 220 Exceed 220 mph.
Speed Demon: 230 Exceed 230 mph.
Speed Demon: 240 Exceed 240 mph.
Speed Demon: 250 Exceed 250 mph.
Speed Demon: 260 Exceed 260 mph.
Speed Demon: 270 Exceed 270 mph.
Speed Demon: 280 Exceed 280 mph.
Speed Demon: 290 Exceed 290 mph.
Speed Demon: 300 Exceed 300 mph.