• Wet Road Conditions: Are you ready for a new challenge? You can now race all of your favourite tracks in wet road conditions! Experience all of the tracks in the dark foreboding conditions of wet roads and see how you deal with less grip and extra slippery curbs!

  • New Penalty System: The new penalty system replaces the “Penalty Zone” based system used until now. Rather than utilising penalty zones it considers any time spent with 3 or more wheels off the track as a potential penalty. Upon returning to the road the system calculates if an advantage has been gained and adds this to the user's total race time in the form of a "penalty time". At the end of a race a user's final finishing position is calculated by adding their race time to their penalty time for a Total Time. Users are arranged in order by their Total Time to establish final finishing positions. This process means that at the end of a race players enter a Pending status while other players finish and Total Times can be calculated. Payouts are not awarded until the pending status is finished therefore they will be slower to reach the player than they are currently.

  • New End to Multiplayer Races: Multiplayer races will now end in a different way. When the winner of the race crosses the finishing line a 30 second count down will begin. The position that racers are in at the end of the 30 second count down will determine finishing positions, and a player’s total Race Time will be calculated using time at the end of the race plus ahead-behind times (this race time is then added to any Penalty Times as described above to generate a Total time). This feature paves the way for other exciting multiplayer race features in the future.

  • Updated race results screen: The race results screen has been updated for a new visual style and to accommodate updates from the new penalty system.

  • New Track Select Menu: The new graphical menu replaces the drop down list for selecting which track to race on when setting up single, multiplayer or Eliminator races.

  • Track Payout Update: The following tracks have had payouts increased: Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, Hockenheimring Grand Prix, Hockenheimring Short A, Hockenheimring Short B, Hockenheimring Touring, Indianapolis Bike, Indianapolis Oval, Indianapolis Road, Kolmården Test Circuit, Lakeside Italia East, Lakeside Italia Main Route, Lakeside Italia Mountain Drive, Silverstone.

  • Improved car view and detail in Unity: Cars are visually improved when viewing them in the 3D with the Unity player.

  • Network Connectivity Improvements: Updates and improvements to network code to make multiplayer races more stable.

  • Retro-rewarding of Car Mastery achievements: Users who completed the conditions for car mastery challenges before the launch of the Car Mastery feature will have them retro-completed on their account and any rewards automatically given. NOTE: Total Distance Driven challenges are not retro-fitted onto the player account.

  • Payout Fix: Fix to the issue which causes sequential gear box to appear as "mixed" in the race results, meaning players will now receive the appropriate bonus for racing with a sequential gearbox.

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