We've got a bumper batch of improvements and updates hitting Auto Club Revolution today! From a brand new AI quick race feature being introduced to updated and improved car-to-car penalties, there's bound to be something for you to get excited about!

Without further ado, here's a list of what's changed today:

New and improved Tutorial

  • We've revamped our tutorial to give new players access to more interesting tracks and cars! Upon tutorial completion new players will now start at Rank 1, rather than Rank 5.

AI Quick Race

  • That's right - you'll now have access to a brand new single player mode that'll allow you to race against AI/computer controlled opponents!

Updated car-to-car penalty system

  • We've made improvements to our aggressive driving system! If a player gathers 3 aggressive driving penalties in a race, they'll be removed from that race. Each aggressive driving penalty will decay after 2 minutes, eventually resetting back to 0.

Improvements to the assist menu

  • We've simplified our assist menu! To ensure minimal confusion, all assists will be global and you'll no longer be able to set a specific assist setting for each car. You'll also now be able to adjust your assists via the Pause menu in game.
  • Please be aware that this may result in your assists being reset!

Game pause menu improvements

  • The pause menu will now include HUD, assist and Audio options!

Practice analysis

  • Racing in Practice Mode will give you access to a series of stats about that Practice session on the website while you're in the race.

New practice mode results screen

  • Following a race in Practice mode you'll now see an updated results screen, including your leaderboard position plus your closest competitors with the same car/track combination!