E-Bucks is an in game digital/virtual currency in Auto Club Revolution obtained via paying in real-world money in several ways (PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, oBucks, Subway Gift Card, Circle K Gift Card, Shell Gift Card, CVS Gift Card, Dollar General Gift Card, BK Crown Card, Sports Authority Card, Rixty, etc.). Availability may vary depending on country or region.

E-Bucks were the former primary form of currency in the game until the Progression Update, being used to get a majority of the Cars and a majority of the items within the Workshop.

E-Bucks currently are the secondary currency used for obtaining conveniences such as Premium AccountsPremium carsCredits, and a minority of stock cars.


The following items are available for purchase through E-Bucks:

  • Cars
  • Workshop Items
    • Paint Jobs
    • Cosmetic Items
    • Vinyl/Decal Packages
  • Credits (Trade system: 1 E-Buck = 100 Credits)
  • Premium Accounts

Starter PacksEdit

Starter Packs are special offers on a separate part in the process of Topping Up. They usually include 1 or multiple cars, several Workshop items, and some E-Bucks as well. Due to the extra additions to the package, it may be more expensive to buy a starter pack than buying the items themselves at the in game car dealer, workshop, or top-up stores.

Purchasing E-BucksEdit

Players can currently purchase E-Bucks in one way.

Official WebsiteEdit

The following steps are the instructions to how to purchase E-Bucks via the Official ACR Top-Up Page.

  1. Log into your ACR account on the official Auto Club Revolution website.
  2. At the top of the screen, the orange box will show your current E-Buck balance.
  3. Click the "Buy E" (In the orange circle E-Buck icon) button.
  4. Select the E-Buck Package/Amount that you want.
  5. Select a payment option.
  6. Complete the transaction as instructed.

The availability and/or pricing may vary over time or depending on which country or region you may be at the time.