Credits are the primary virtual currency of Auto Club Revolution obtained through single player racespractice races, multiplayer races, doing Daily Challenges, completing Car Challenges, or by trading E-Bucks for Credits. Finishing in 1st place will give players the maximum amount of credits, though it depends on what track players are on and the amount of bonuses the car has available. Practice races do give players Credits, depending on weather conditions and the amount of laps done.


Credits can be used to buy a majority of the items offered, such as CarsUpgradesWorkshop items, and vehicle repairs.

After the Progression Update, rewards were raised across all modes at all levels, allowing players to level up faster, and gain quicker access to better cars.

Credits and experience can be raised via Premium Accounts which raise the amount of rewards players get by adding another half of the reward.

On September 20, 2013, Auto Club Revolution announced Overdrive. A system where, if players were to race while it was active, would give players twice as much of a reward. This only would work when active.

On December 11, 2013, a Premium Account would also give players twice as many rewards as well.