To make Auto Club Revolution accessible for everyone there are a range of assists that can be configured to your own preferences. As a general rule, the more assists that you have turned on the easier it is to drive the car. There are four assists to customise:

  • Traction Control (TC)
  • Stability Control (SC)
  • Assisted Braking (AB)
  • Dynamic Racing Line

The assists that you are using effect the Cr and EXP payouts that you receive at the end of the race, the fewer assists you have turned on the higher your payout will be.

Racing LinesEdit

Full - Shows the whole racing line throughout the coarce. 

Corner Only - Shows the racing line only on corners if you are going to fast.

Off - Does not display the racing line.

Assist SettingsEdit

Assist Settings Traction Control Stability Control Assisted Braking
All On Highest Highest On
Beginner Highest Highest Off
Intermediate Medium Medium Off
Medium Low Low Off
Advanced Lowest Lowest Off
Expert Off Off Off
All Off Off Off Off

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